Our movement was named from the entire second chapter of Joel, which called for national prayer, fasting, and repentance. We have been commissioned to raise up a generation of intercessors, who will fast and pray and make themselves ready before the Lord. It is our vision to empower the Body back to holiness and the fear of the Lord.
In these End Times, it’s our desire is to see the awareness of God’s glory cover the earth. Our heart burns to see America and the nations turn back to God. We desire to see awakening sweep across the nations through the preaching and message of repentance and demonstration of the power of God. We are passionately calling a generation, that have made themselves ready before the Lord, to carry the presence of God through intimacy with Jesus Christ.
God is fulfilling His word that says in the last days the spirit Of God would be poured out (Joel 2:28). Our focus is raising up a prophetic army that carry a John the Baptist / Spirit of Elijah mantle to fulfill Joel 2 in the Earth. Joel 2 is a mission-focused movement that emphasizes intimacy with God and equips young believers in prophecy, healing, the love of Christ, deliverance, and spiritual warfare.


Love, Family, Prayer, Worship, Humility, Honor and Integrity.


We will embrace a generation with love and power.

We will impart to the generation a spirit of prayer and intercession for governments.

We will see the Youth of this generation encounter the presence of God.

We will raise up a prophetic army, burning with the love of God.

We will teach this generation to prophesy and carry deliverance power.

We will prepare the youth of the nations to look for the imminent return of Christ.

About Jordan
Jordan Wells currently holds two degrees from Crossroads Bible College: a Bachelor’s in Biblical Counseling and an Associate’s in Leadership & Ministry. Wells currently attends Global Awakening Theological Seminary where he is pursuing a Master’s in Pastoral Ministry.
Jordan co-authored Joel 2 Generation and is also the author of several other books, including the Final Trumpet.
Through his written works, Wells’ greatest desire is to see the bride of Christ made ready for the coming of the Lord. Jordan Wells is a national prophetic voice who longs to see the church arise in her call to prayer for the nations. His life is marked by a love for the presence of God and a deep desire for others to receive intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ. Whether it through his weekly show, The Voice of the Prophetic or his many released articles with God TV, Wells’ passion is to see America and the nations awakened and turn back to the heart of God.

Prophetic Word: The LBGT Agenda and The Church

Prophetic Word: The LBGT Agenda and The Church 600 400 The Voice Of The Prophetic


Prophetic Word: The LBGT Agenda and The Church

Prophetic Word: The LBGT Agenda and The Church 600 400 The Voice Of The Prophetic

God spoke to me this morning and brought me back to a word I released in my book The Final Trumpet on what would happen in Americans future. One thing God told me was that the greatest threat to the church was within the LBGTQ agenda and it’s aggressive push to lead America away from the moral standards of God. In this vision I released a word that the agenda…