The Introduction to the Book of Revelation By Evangelist Jordan Wells

The Introduction to the Book of Revelation By Evangelist Jordan Wells

The Introduction to the Book of Revelation By Evangelist Jordan Wells 300 225 The Voice Of The Prophetic

The apostle John was a disciple of Jesus Christ, and so he walked and talked with Jesus face-to-face, which makes him an eyewitness to the risen Lord. The apostle John was also a leader of the early church of Ephesus. He was captured for the preaching of the Gospel by the emperor Domitian who was a fierce persecutor of Christians. He got enjoyment in seeing the suffering of Christians. The Roman emperors were worshiped as gods by everyone but the Christians. The Christians were hated because they would not worship these men as gods. So they were often sentenced to death. This was the case with the apostle John, who was sentenced to be boiled alive, what a horrible death. However, he still would not give up his relationship with Christ, so they dropped him in a boiling cauldron of oil. However, there was another problem. The Lord gave him a promise that he wouldn’t die until he saw the kingdom. So he would not burn, this so scared the entire stadium that everyone in the stadium got saved. How about that, Satan? So since they could not kill him, they exiled him to die alone, so they thought, on the Island of Patmos, around ad 95 when the book of Revelation was written. This disproves preterist who say that the book of Revelation was written around ad 60. Another thing that destroys this theory is, historically, who was the emperor at this time, who many believe to be Domitian. He was a fierce persecutor of believers. This is where most scholars get the date ad 95. Preterism is the kind of false doctrine that Jesus rebuked those who sought in their own understanding who chose in their own understanding to add or take away from the prophesies of this book. He warned that their names would be taken out of the book of Life (Revelation 22:18). Patmos is in Asia Minor, which is a very small Jordan Wells 10 island. The book of Revelation was written to seven churches that we will talk about in the next few chapters. Growing up, I would hear that the book of Revelation is not for the church but for unbelievers; however, the Bible declares this to be false. These warnings were written to the seven churches, which were take away To Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. In these letters to these seven churches from Christ, we see encouragement, but we also see warnings. We see faithful churches, and we see churches that grew lukewarm. These seven churches are a picture of the end-time church of the twenty-first century. Only two churches of the seven were considered truly faithful. Most churches in America today are full of lukewarm Christians who are being more affected by the world than them having an effect on the world for Christ. American Christianity is weak and in a state of spiritual slumber, ready to be deceived. The world has penetrated every aspect of the American church. We are not having any effect on our world because we have brought the world into the church. Jesus knew that this message to the seven churches would not only be for those seven churches of Asia Minor but would also be a picture of the final end-time church before the beginning of the tribulation. I hope that you are blessed by the message God gave to these seven churches that are a picture of the church today, which you and me are a part of.

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