What Is A Mantle And It’s Function?

What Is A Mantle And It’s Function?

What Is A Mantle And It’s Function? 324 432 The Voice Of The Prophetic

The purpose in writing this series of articles is to examine the office and ministry of the Prophet. In the next few articles I want to dig deep into the lives of prophetic men and women of God who challenged nations and people to return to worship of  the one true God.

Prophets have always been kind of the outcasts of Judaism and Christianity. Why? Because their ministry is not, and has never been “popular”. The title Prophet has been tremendously  misused in our culture inside the body of Christ. Many people are calling themselves Prophets, but biblically are not wearing the mantle that the Prophets of old walked in. We exalt these so called Prophets that prophesy phone numbers and bank accounts, without knowing many use the same methods for gaining information as withces and the occult. For example, a conspiracy recently arose when an internationally known “prophet” was exposed for having allegedly  worked with or took information  from a well known fortuneteller.  I say all this to help you understand several things:

The bible says that in the last days many false prophets would arise to deceive many (Matthew 24). So then the question remains;  what separates the real from the fake, in scripture? Well, for starters, real Prophets carry Mantles. The word  mantle was first mentioned in the Old Testament as a garment worn by several prophets including Elijah and Elisha. A mantle “covers” in the natural, yet easily comes to represent spiritual covering also. Mantles always refer to spiritual authority and anointing.  In 2 Kings 2:11-14, the mantle passing from Elijah the prophet, to Elisha, his successor, symbolizes the passing of prophetic authority.

I believe as we study these mantles and their function, we will be able to more easily  distinguish the real from the fake in these last days. I believe God is raising up true Prophets in this generation, however the kingdom of darkness is too at work raising up those that will   deceive God’s people.

It’s important that as a Prophet you recognize the mantle God has given you, for instance John The Baptist carried a mantle. Jesus tells us that John the Baptist walked in the mantle of Elijah, so was his mantle new? No. However so his mantled carried a anointing for repentance, judgement, confrontation, boldness, and much more that we will find out later. Thus, although he carried the mantle of Elijah, there were aspects of the mantle of John the Baptist that hadn’t been seen.  The main purpose of a mantle is to carry out the plan of God on earth for that generation;  to bring about His desire for His people. The is the job of his spokesman on earth the Prophet.


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