What God Says About Nightmares

What God Says About Nightmares

What God Says About Nightmares 960 540 The Voice Of The Prophetic

Last night I received a powerful revelation as it pertains to nightmares. I believe that the dream, what I asked God, and God’s response and instructions can resonate with every person reading this and empower you to take control of your dreams.

On occasion I have nightmares  on the days that I don’t spend as much time with God before bed. But the deeper I am in God the less it happens. Last night,  I had a really terrifying dream about people being killed all around me. However, God was with me in the dream. He gave me specific words of knowledge; like “The people are behind the door, “Don’t go that way”, or “Play dead”. At the end of the dream, I knew that I was sleeping and that someone was trying to kill me.

When they found me, the person lit a match to set me on fire and I began to feel the heat. The scariest part of it was that the person trying to kill me was my wife. My wife would never do this but the devil takes what is good or what we love and tries to distort, pervert, or destroy our image  of it through fear.

I started to say the name Jesus , and as I repeatedly called on God the dream broke. I woke up and asked God, “What is up with the nightmares!?”. He clearly spoke to me and stated, “It’s a demon called Nightmare.” These are the following instructions He gave me:

1) Rebuke the demon of nightmare and fear in Jesus name.

2)  And to ask God to release angels of protection in the room to stand by your bed.

3) I even feel Him directing me to read aloud the 91st psalm before bed and place my name within it.

Many people are being tormented at night without realizing it’s a direct attack from hell.  However God has exposed the enemy and given us the tools to claim  protection, peace, and power. Don’t let Fear and Nightmare trespass another night in your home. 

Prayer of Protection:

(Read the 91st Psalm and place your name within it) . In the name of Jesus I rebuke the demon of fear and the demon called nightmare. I release peace into this home. Father, I ask you to release angelic protection that will watch over my family and I throughout the night, in Jesus name. Amen. 

-Evangelist Jordan C. Wells

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