What God Is Saying About Coronavirus: The Smoke Screen

What God Is Saying About Coronavirus: The Smoke Screen

What God Is Saying About Coronavirus: The Smoke Screen 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”2 Thessalonians 2:11

  This Coronavirus is very real and should be taken seriously. However, much of the mass hysteria and panic that has been propagated by the media. I heard the Lord say to me that much of what is being released in the media is a distraction and a smokescreen. There is a demonic attempt to distract people from the coming 2020 election. This election is the most important election; second to that of 2016. Although the virus is to be taken seriously; many politicians are using this pandemic as a means to push political agendas. 

I think it is interesting that the enemy released this virus right after the failed impeachment of Donald Trump. Many have started to use the Coronavirus as a political ploy to blame the president.  Again, the Coronavirus is real and should be approached with wisdom and precautions. Yet, most of our mainstream media is making this a political weapon against Trump. There is a great spirit of deception that has fallen on much of the media in our nation. We must stay focused on what God is truly saying in the midst of the warfare of this virus. Only those that see things from heaven’s perspective will walk in peace and a clear mind. 

    God has also shown me how this Corona Crisis is an attempt of the enemy to crash the economy globally. I believe the enemy desires to use the virus to  prematurely usher in his end time agenda. Under Trump’s leadership the economy has soared to record heights. The stock market and job creation have also seen significant numbers. But now, the media analysts are saying we are preparing for another recession. God is, however, saying we are in a season of grace and God will not allow the enemy to destroy all that He has done. Heaven will not let the enemy undo all that has been accomplished by this leadership.