My Vision Concerning Black Lives Matter

My Vision Concerning Black Lives Matter

My Vision Concerning Black Lives Matter 828 1010 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I heard the Lord say, “Antichrist spirit”.

I saw people marching throughout in the country. However, I also saw dark figures walking along the people as well. Then I saw people coming out of the dark figures. The dark figure was a principality of antichrist. Preachers, wearing collars, were amongst the crowds but they had blindfolds on and they could not see that they were submitting to this principality. Eventually the dark figures approached the Church to challenge it.

The Lord spoke to me that a spirit behind BLM will be exposed in the days ahead. The core beliefs of BLM founders are anti-God, Marxist, & LGBT. This movement is not as it seems. People are being deceived to believe they are being a part of something to help black people but there is another hidden agenda.

My Vision Concerning Black Lives Matter:

Over the past few days, the Lord has been dealing with me concerning BLM. I have felt His heart of grief concerning leaders in the church and my African American brothers and sisters that undyingly stand with this movement. But I didn’t understand why I felt this in my spirit. So I just continued to fast, pray, and weep over this movement and our nation.

From it’s origin, the Holy Spirit spoke to me not to join this movement but to support black lives while withdrawing myself from connections to the movement. This all seemed strange until last night, as video after video began to confirm my fears. These fears were that Black Lives Matter was less of genuine civil rights and more of a political liberal movement of the Democratic Party that wanted to manipulate African Americans for their vote. I was also suspicious of their core of values as statues were being pulled down, communism symbols erected, and calls to defund the police started appearing.

Yesterday I came across the core values of BLM are on their website.

They declare to be, “Trained Marxists” says BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors. Marx taught that religion divides societies and only functions as a means to control social norms.
BLM also, “foster a queer‐affirming network…with the intention of freeing the tight grip of heteronormative thinking”. They have dedicated themselves to “do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.”
-Black Lives Matter

In other words, the founders of BLM are extremists who desire to conform the world into Marxists, LGBT supporters, & religious eradicators. As Christians, there is a large target on our backs as the Bible teaches against all of these ideologies.

So back to my vision: As I was in prayer, I saw protests and marches throughout this country. In these marches, I saw people with Black Lives Matter shirts on. It got weird when I saw preachers and believers with tape over there eyes while they were marching. Suddenly I saw words that were leading the protest and written over the top of the movement was, “Anti Christ” in big letters. I instantly heard the Lord say, “that those that support this movement and march with them are submitting to a hidden Anti Christ agenda and that spirit that will eventually come after the church for it’s stance on several issues, especially LBGT.”

PLEASE do not hear what I am NOT saying. We should always stand up against racism and injustice. However, some have used this movement as a war tactic to enrage fear and anger for their own selfish agendas. I make an appeal that we open our ears to what GOD is saying concerning this. We should not stand with a movement with anti-God values in the name of our skin color. I support black Lives as an African American who understands the pain of the black community. But as a Christian, I can not march nor stand with any organization with such radical views.

As believers we also should not develop an “ I don’t care” mentality. I make an appeal to African American and White believers to fight for injustice but separate yourself from this BLM movement. Our skin color is not our God – Jesus Christ is our Lord and King. In the days ahead, God will expose the spirit behind the Black Lives Matter Movement. We will see it in our news. The covers are about to be pulled away and the nation will see with clarity.

Pray with me that God exposes this nationally and that God have mercy on our nation.

  • Jordan Wells