Prophetic Word: A Revival of The Word of God

Prophetic Word: A Revival of The Word of God

Prophetic Word: A Revival of The Word of God 618 340 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I heard the Lord say, “I am sending a revival of the Word to the current Charismatic Movement.” The problem with our current Charismatic Movement is that we know more about angels and encounters than we do the scriptures. We are a wordless generation full of supernatural experiences but have not studied the scriptures to show ourselves approved of God.

Encounters are dangerous without strong scriptural backing. I love encounters and have had many throughout my walk with the Lord but no encounter trumps the word of God in value or importance. We can not only pursue encounters and neglect the revelation revealed in scripture. We must return back to the word of God in the days ahead. It is our only sure foundation.

The reason we are experiencing such a great deception in our nation, and in the church, is because our lack of knowledge of the truth of God’s Word. Because of our lack of the Word, a strong delusion has been released across America. For example, much of what we call ‘prophetic’ is simple soul reading, and does not line up with the word of God. A spirit of confusion is currently resting upon much of the current prophetic movement because we value prophetic experiences over godly character and love for God’s word. False prophetic ministry is leading the nation with false prophetic hope because we have not loved the truth; which is only found in the word of God.

Angels, supernatural visitations, dreams and visions, etc are all important and greatly needed but we can’t continue to devalue the scriptures in our attempt to pursue these things. But I heard the Lord say that in the days ahead He would raise up a people of both word and spirit. We will see theologians raised up that move in the glory and power of God. We will see a remnant raised up that preach the entire counsel of scripture not just their encounters. There is a revival coming of both the word of God and restoration of the fear of God concerning His word.

-Jordan Wells