Vision concerning the 2020 Election, Joe Biden, and Covid -19 Mail In Ballots

Vision concerning the 2020 Election, Joe Biden, and Covid -19 Mail In Ballots

Vision concerning the 2020 Election, Joe Biden, and Covid -19 Mail In Ballots 1280 720 The Voice Of The Prophetic

While seeking the Lord, I had a vision which was a conformation of what I heard the Lord say previously. Many liberal, democratic states will try to use the apparent increase of Covid-19 cases as an excuse for mail in ballots. However, mail-in’s have been proven to be less secure and much easier to manipulate the vote count.

In my vision, I saw voters in several states putting their votes in envelopes and mailing them into their designated locations. Some envelopes were marked Trump, others Biden. In the states that were run by conservative mayors and governors, the voters were going directly to booths and the votes were being securely and accurately accounted for. However, in extreme liberal states, as more votes came mailed-in for Trump, I saw workers throwing them in the trash. I then saw the words “Voter Scandal” written in the spirit. The vision switched scenes and I saw people on their knees in churches praying like never before. They were weeping that God would spare our nation and have mercy. I felt strongly that a position of prayer HAS to be the focus of the church in this season

Much of what we are seeing around this country can be summed up with one core purpose: the 2020 election. Yes things such as Covid, racial injustice, and financial crisis are all real issues. But as we have seen, they have quickly been used as political tools to sway voters. Voting by mail significantly increases the risk of fraud. We must pray that every plan of the enemy to steal this election would be exposed and that God’s purposes would prevail.

I also saw a vision of what would happen if Biden won in November and I saw the words “America’s Decline” written over the top of his head. We must pray like never before. This battle that’s being fought in our nation can only be won by 1.) on our knees and 2.) going out to vote in 2020.

  • Jordan Wells