Vision of Kanye West and Candice Owens

Vision of Kanye West and Candice Owens

Vision of Kanye West and Candice Owens 1404 756 The Voice Of The Prophetic

My plea to the church is we need to pray for both of them because God is using them for his purpose
As I was meditating before the Lord today, I was given a vision of Kanye West and then another of Candice Owens. I saw Kanye having, what people thought were, these political rallies across the country. In these rallies, I saw multitude- mostly African Americans cheering at everything he said. But suddenly the gathering shifted and became an evangelistic gathering in which Kanye began to speak and as he spoke chains began to fall from the people. Some had chains on their minds, others on their hands. I then heard the Lord speak that he has raised Kanye up as a deliver like Moses to command pharaoh to let his people go. In the same way, he said Candace Owens has also been raised up.

I saw another seen of Joe Biden standing over a huge wave of African Americans in an almost mind control sort of way. But then I saw Kanye come again with a sword as well as Candice Owens and together they began cutting the chains that had been placed upon the people. I then saw CNN with an article reading “We hate Kanye”. I believe the same thing is true concerning Candice Owens. God showed me that he has raised Kanye up as a wrecking ball, just as he did Trump, to attack the system in righteousness. I heard over Kanye that he is a preacher of righteousness and an unlikely prophetic voice in this hour. Kanye has been raised up because of the void in the churches of true preaching of righteousness!

While many of the preachers want to be like Kanye in fame. Kanye wants to be like Jesus and preach and see people know him. Candice in this dream also has been raised up as a wrecking ball against the deception of the media. I was then asked to pray for both of these individuals. Many will be brought to repentance through the ministry God has given Kanye West. Many will have the chains of ignorance broken as Candice Owens raises up as a political and social reformer in America.

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