Vision of Covid-19 Exposure

Vision of Covid-19 Exposure

Vision of Covid-19 Exposure 1200 801 The Voice Of The Prophetic

While standing in line getting some things for the house, I saw had a vision and saw the words “Exposed” hanging in the air. I began to ask the Lord what he meant and he began to share some things with me. First, I believe Covid-19 is a real threat and I have compassion on those that have gotten sick or even died. But there is a attempt by some of those in power to make this virus look worst than it is. One way I saw them doing this is through hospitals being told to forge numbers to make Covid outbreaks appear worst than it actually is. I saw hospital scandals in which certain hospitals get called out for not accurately reporting information. These things will be exposed before the end of year, and many will be very surprised.

Why, you might ask, would they do this? Simple! To keep the economy weakened, to push their agendas, and to make a Donald Trump look bad. To make it look like he, and others mayors and governors, are stupid for reopening the economy. This is about keeping the economy weak so Trump can’t use the amazing numbers we were seeing of record employment and things like this to run on. Same principle applies to the cities that are experiencing great violence and lawlessness. These, mostly democratic, leaders won’t do anything because of the election and keeping control. But that too will backfire. We will see it in the months ahead, as these things are greatly brought to light.

Please pray with me that these things are exposed and that the plans of the enemy will not prevail. #COVID19 #america #pandemic2020