A Nation In Crisis A Prophetic Message of Hope To The Nation and The Church

A Nation In Crisis A Prophetic Message of Hope To The Nation and The Church

A Nation In Crisis A Prophetic Message of Hope To The Nation and The Church 1876 1182 The Voice Of The Prophetic

It doesn’t take much for us to look around our nation and the world to realize that we are in a time of great crisis. At the beginning of 2020 it is as if our nation and world entered the twilight zone. With the death of globe icon Kobe Bryant, to the impeachment, Covid-19 the national plague that shut down entire nations and killed thousands. To riots and the burning of cities, there is something off that many are discerning. It seems as if our nation hangs on the edge of the cliff and could tip over at any moment. Many are confused, afraid and completely in disbelief by what is happening in our news daily. Many within the church are silent, and in disbelief. All hope seems lost and America’s end seems to be drawing near. Many are asking, is there any hope for America? I believe there is hope for this generation. I believe there is hope for our nation in this very crucial hour. The hope is found in ancient history found within the sacred word of God.

 America is not the First Nation that has experienced such a great national crisis.  Nations throughout history have also faced similar uncertainty. The nation of Israel is one of these nations a nation in covenant with almighty God from its inception that rebelled and rejected the one true God.  They as a nation went deep into idolatry and refused repentance. They rejected the words of the prophets, and fell deeper into total depravity. In these times of great depravity God had an answer. The answer is found within the scriptures prayer, fasting and national crying out to God in repentance. I believe America can turn back to God and experience revival and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This recipe is not just for America but works for any nation in the midst of Crisis. I believe you who are reading are being summoned by God to contend with him for the destiny of nations. We as the church can no longer sit by and watch our nations collapse from within. We have been given the keys to unlock God’s kingdom on earth but we must use them. We must contend with God for mercy and a national outpouring to save the soul of our nation. Because America is a nation in the midst of crisis and you are its only hope.  

Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people. – Proverbs 14:34

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