Prophetic Word: The Cleansing Has Begun

Prophetic Word: The Cleansing Has Begun

Prophetic Word: The Cleansing Has Begun 2560 1440 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I heard the Lord say to me that he was releasing cleansing in the house of God. We are coming into the greatest hour of Glory the church has seen. But in the midst of this Glory will be great cleansing and exposing of major and minor church leaders. We will see in the coming days, weeks, months and even years – many that have pastored and ministered before the masses exposed and the secrets of their lives brought to light. These will be high profile leaders as well as entire denominations that will be exposed. These leaders have amassed huge followings in the natural but have not in the spirit. Many of these leaders have forsaken the secret place for success and gain.

Many leaders have left their first love years ago. They are in adultery, pride, and refuse to turn back to the Lord in repentance. Some of these leaders have been in sin for years, and the Lord has shown them His love and mercy. For years the Lord has been gracious toward them, but His mercy is lifting across the body. This coming exposing of leaders will be to bring down the kingdom of Saul and Eli leadership. The exposing will raise up a new wave of leaders; which we will see brought to the forefront in 2021. They will carry both the purity and power of God. Above all, they will be madly in love with Jesus.

There is a Samuel leadership arising that will give themselves to ministering to the Lord over people. Get ready and walk carefully in this season, church leaders and saints. For we have entered a season of great exposing & we will see many national leaders fall and new voices of righteousness rise as God brings forth His Glory in these last days.