Prophetic Word: 2020 Election Prophecy

Prophetic Word: 2020 Election Prophecy

Prophetic Word: 2020 Election Prophecy 300 168 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I heard the Lord say that, just as He did in 2016, the Lord will place Donald Trump in the White House for a second term. I heard the Lord say through the re-elections of President Trump, He will continue to break Jezebel’s powers from the Government. The demonic powers that have held our nation are be judged, exposed, and shaken to the core. The Lord is fighting for the destiny of this nation and so should we. “It is not over for America”, says the Lord.

I know this makes some people angry and that’s fine. However, there is and was a demonic attack to destroy America through liberalism, socialism, & genderism that was hindered in 2016.

This is why the enemy has fought Trump so intensely. To be honest, in the beginning I didn’t even like Trump. Yes, he makes silly comments. He is an imperfect man with character flaws. But the Lord is with Him, and spoke to me that He had raised Trump up for such a time as this. Against great odds, the hand of God will cause a mega miracle to happen in 2020.

They will try to steal the election by declaring interference, miscounts, etc. Great distress greater than that of 2016 will erupt. But in the midst of all this, we will see the hand of God at work and His mercy on this nation. Again, God is not done with America just yet!

President Trump is not my savior nor do I believe he is the hope of America. If there is any real hope for this nation to be turned back to the Lord, I believe a revived church must arise in the coming days. The fire of God falling across America is what I am contending for in the days ahead. The issues in our nation can’t be solved by an election alone – But through a united church on fire and in love with Jesus Christ. Revival coming to America is our greatest hope.

And YES I voted for Donald Trump. As will more black people than they think.

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