Prophetic Word: Supernatural Mixture, Glory And The Burning of Strange Fire

Prophetic Word: Supernatural Mixture, Glory And The Burning of Strange Fire

Prophetic Word: Supernatural Mixture, Glory And The Burning of Strange Fire 960 540 The Voice Of The Prophetic

There is something that greatly grieves me concerning the current revival, supernatural streams. I am in my DNA a revivalist, I burn for cities to be shaken by the power of God’s Glory. I believe in the harvesting of the nations, but my concern is the imbalance within some of our current generation of those that are pursuing the supernatural and the power of God. This is a message of God’s love for his church and not judgment. Also this word is not a attack on pursuit of the greater Glory and demonstration of Gods Power. I desire to see both the demonstration of the authentic fire of the Spirit and a love for the word and truth.
So I want to tell you what I have observed within some of our supernatural culture. I believe some have stepped into a spirit of witchcraft unaware because we are pursuing the supernatural without intimacy or a lack of true theological foundation in the scripture. I am glad for being Baptist before I entered many of these streams. They taught me to study the word to show myself approved. The spirit without the word leads to witchcraft, and error. The word without the spirit leads to legalism and pride. I want to share this experience with you Of a trip to a revivalist church. I was in a church about six years ago in Africa, this church was known around the country. While there listening to worship I noticed that many of those visiting where witchy. 

Meaning I felt a mixture of witchcraft and the spirit. I know this because I was a missionary in Africa and have seen and felt it up close. It was so unsettling that I began to intercede about the nearest exit. As I left the Holy Spirit revealed to me, that he was about to send a refining fire to the charismatic and supernatural movement. Because in our pursuit of revival. We have over emphasized the supernatural, and under emphasized things like purity of heart and study of the Bible, correction and accountability. If we do not allow God to purify us, the harvest and coming Glory we are believing for will be tainted and impure, and many will fall into error. We must return to the scripture, and pure love for Jesus Christ. Only then will we see the tangible pure unfiltered Glory return to the body of Christ.