Visitation From The Angel of Promotion

Visitation From The Angel of Promotion

Visitation From The Angel of Promotion 800 600 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I was at home getting ready like normal for work when instantly I began to discern an angelic presence in my bathroom. I heard “the angel of promotion” I instantly began to receive revelation of His ministry to the body of Christ and what he was coming to do. I was told that promotion begins in the supernatural. So everyone that we see from top celebrities to your favorite preacher. First received there promotion in the realm of the supernatural. Some received demonic promotion other godly supernatural promotion.

In the God realm the job of promotion is assigned to angels. There is a legion of angels that have been hired or created for the sole purpose of facilitating in the promotion of the Lords people. This angel that I encounter told me that we were entering a season in which angels of promotion are looking for those that have been proven faithful. These faithful ones will because of there prayer life and obedience began to receive instant and continual promotion. Promotion we must remember comes from God not man. That’s why I don’t politic nor care who likes me or doesn’t.

I understand that the Lord decides my promotion and when he says yes no man can say no!! This is a season that many are about to reap what they have sown. These angels of destiny are about to assist your business. These angels of promotion are about to assist your ministry. They are being released to retrieve contracts that have been held up. Healing that have been held up. Those that have received doctor reports of death are about to be instantly delivered. Get ready to be visited by the angel of promotion!!!

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-Jordan Wells