What Is God Saying To America In 2022?

What Is God Saying To America In 2022?

What Is God Saying To America In 2022? 1200 675 The Voice Of The Prophetic

There is hope for revival in America says the Spirit of God!! I felt in my Spirit God stirring me to declare to the body of Christ. That we must continue to contend for this nation in fasting and prayer. This nation was called by God to be a light to the nations to spread the gospel. America has sent out more missionaries and spread more revival fire than any other nation. This nation was raised up by God for His purposes. This nation has and was formed to host revival and the spreading of the gospel. But in the past several decades America has been under attack by dark forces to destroy the foundation of God in this nation.

America is under attack by Spirits of Jezebel, Witchcraft, Religious Spirits and an Anti Christ agenda. Perversion is the new normal in education and media. Our freedom is under attack like never before. We are in the midst of a war like no other and nations hang in the balance. Many would say where is God in the midst of our collapsing society. Riots, racial division and a silent church. But I here the Spirit of God saying to the church to not lose heart or hope. Contend, contend, contend says the Lord for this nation in prayer and fasting. Fasting and prayer is the hope to see a turn around in this country.

The church is in its greatest hour of need. The Lord is calling His army of prayer warriors to put there faces to the dirt in travail to birth revival around this nation. Revival is America’s only hope not politics. We see the hand of the Lord in His raising up voices in politics like Candice Owens, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and many others on both ends of the political spectrum Democrat and Republican. Even these in politics are warring for this nation. But the Lord say His secret weapon is the prayer, fasting and travailing church. It’s time for the church to arise in a Spirit of prayer. It’s not over declares the Spirit of the Lord.

  • Jordan Wells

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