Prophetic Warning Concerning Current Administration

Prophetic Warning Concerning Current Administration

Prophetic Warning Concerning Current Administration 1100 640 The Voice Of The Prophetic

There is never a reason to take peoples God given freedoms away. Every nation that has done this was on the train of communism and socialism. Are current administration doesn’t care about freedom it’s all about control. If I have to choose between freedom and safety I choose the later FREEDOM. Many voted for a socialist party because of ignorance now that we are seeing the true colors of this wicked administration.

I pray that many of the prophets that stood in agreement would get on there faces and pray. Also those that voted because of the color of there skin, regardless of what the party believed or the policies that would be pushed. Like gay rights on your children in there schools. As we are hearing talk of force vaccinations, door to door mandates, high gas prices, food shortages, border crisis and much more.

Our nation is in danger of looking like China if we don’t wake up and get on our faces. Our current administration cares little of the will of the people and are using fear to usher in control. Our founders cared so much about freedom that they said GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!! We must pray because I know revival is coming but what will it look like is the question?

Will it look like a free church or a attacked persecuted church. This question rest with the church and America awakening to what is happening in our nation. Let’s stand in the gap because there are many still standing against what is happening with this dictatorship that we are seeing. God is calling His church to prayer like never before. Let’s cry out for intervention and mercy across our nation.

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