Prophetic Word: The Promotion, and Attack Against Ron DeSantis

Prophetic Word: The Promotion, and Attack Against Ron DeSantis

Prophetic Word: The Promotion, and Attack Against Ron DeSantis 960 640 The Voice Of The Prophetic

It’s sad how so many are ignorant on politics but have so much to say. I actually just heard someone mad at the governor of Florida and called him another Trump because he is fighting for our rights. I understand 100 percent that people are getting Covid and even that some have died. However, I am thankful for a governor that understands America and the constitution of the United States. He understands that freedom is worth dying for. We are in a generation that is ignorant concerning Nazi germany, Stalin and other socialist regimes throughout history that killed millions in the name of safety.

Ron DeSantis is a true man of God. I was on a prayer call with Him at the beginning of 2020 when this pandemic first broke out and his main concerning was churches having the right to gather. He himself is a church going man and bleeds patriotism. I believe God will use this man to contend and fight for the freedom and liberty in America. The Spirit showed me how he will lift this mans voice as a hammer to smash the attacks against this nation. I feel deeply in the Spirit he will win again in 2022 as Governor of Florida. And go on to to run for president at some point. Please pray daily for our governor and that many like him are raised up.

Many are so willing to give up freedom out of fear. If you want to wear mask that is your choice. If you want to get the vaccine that’s your choice. I’m not against either. But the governor understands to mandate in America is not how our nation was formed. We are a nation of liberty and I believe God is raising up and will in the coming years many like our governor black and white that will champion and fight for America. There is a war over our nation and I will not be silent I stand with our governor and prophesy that he will experience promotion and protection as he stands for America, God and patriotism. We will prevail through prayer church.

-Jordan Wells

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