Prophetic Word Concerning Bill de Blasio Vaccination Mandate:

Prophetic Word Concerning Bill de Blasio Vaccination Mandate:

Prophetic Word Concerning Bill de Blasio Vaccination Mandate: 992 558 The Voice Of The Prophetic

When I heard that this mayor of New York would be the first to mandate vaccination I instantly felt grieved in my Spirit. Let me start of saying I AM NOT AGAINST VACCINATIONS as some are. That is besides the point. What bothers me is how easy especially within the democratic and even among some republicans these leaders are willing to take away people’s rights in the name of safety. These leaders are power hungry and drunk on there position. America was not founded on tyranny and control. They work for us not the other way around.

I believe we are in a season of exposure of those that are within our government. As I read about this I heard it’s a Spirit, that has taken hold of many of these leaders minds because they have rejected God. This mayor obviously has a God complex and doesn’t understand American Liberty. Just be mindful those of us that are believers that think nothing is wrong with this force and control. This time it’s vaccines In the coming years as it was when the pandemic first broke out it will be churches not allowed to fully preach the gospel.

These people feel they can do whatever they desire but there is a people all across America praying that will not bow. We will continue to fight for our nation. This is not a dictatorship as most of these leaders think. We are in a free nation formed and fashioned by almighty God. As we see this kind of nonsense increase in other leftist liberal mostly democratic cities. Remember God is on the throne and preparing His church and people for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit in these last days. We must continue to pray against this Anti Christ spirit at work within our nation and that these leaders are removed that seek to destroy this nation.

-Jordan Wells

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