A Word To The Prophetic Movement: Open Your Eyes Prophets

A Word To The Prophetic Movement: Open Your Eyes Prophets

A Word To The Prophetic Movement: Open Your Eyes Prophets 275 183 The Voice Of The Prophetic

The Spirit of God has been dealing with me throughout this morning and yesterday on the current crisis facing the prophetic movement. Lately I have been reading and researching the prophetic throughout both the Old and Mew Testament and especially the book of Jeremiah and the story of Micaiah. We are in a time when many not all, because there are still great prophets of God in the land. However, there is a blindness that has overtaken many in the prophetic movement.

Many release words everyday but few are biblical and most lack any relevance at all. Many that call themselves national voices are only operating in the lowest level of the prophetic which is personal prophecy yet they charge all this money for e courses. The prophetic movement is being brought into alignment with Heaven in this time of great crisis.

Many are confused and need a real word from God. More than it’s your season of breakthrough which is also needed. What is God saying about covid, the economy, and the future of America and the nations. Many of our prophets are not hearing God and do not have His heart concerning the body nor the nation they are called to. He can’t trust them to go before a mayor or governor because they are cultural prophets not kingdom. They are what I heard God say, blind” because they care more about platforms than Revival.

God is raising up a Micaiah remnant of prophets that will prophesy what God is actually saying even when it’s unpopular. He is raising up prophets of fire that will contend for God’s purposes not there own. God is raising fresh prophetic voices in this hour that will give language concerning our current crisis.

-Jordan Wells

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