Prophetic Word: Prophetic Upgrading Is Coming To The Prophetic Movement

Prophetic Word: Prophetic Upgrading Is Coming To The Prophetic Movement

Prophetic Word: Prophetic Upgrading Is Coming To The Prophetic Movement 554 554 The Voice Of The Prophetic

There is an issue within the current prophetic movement, that God is about to bring upgrade to. Which is that we have experienced so much false, shallow, and fluff prophetic ministry that we are not even impressed with the authentic and biblical. We are more impressed with a it’s your season word, or a word about some financial blessing which is good as well. But unimpressed with national and global predictions, and Issachar words about what God is doing in the nations.

There is a adjusting and a upgrading of the prophetic ministry taking place and coming to the body of Christ. God is raising up a new breed of prophets that will release His heart concerning nations. These prophets will be Issachar prophets, they will have an anointing for times and seasons. They will first and foremost be watchmen married to the prayer room. Many of them will be able to go before governors and release the word of the Lord.

There is prophetic upgrading happening in the prophetic movement. God as well as many others that long for the authentic and pure are tired of the cotton candy prophecy. Many that are releasing ecourses on the prophetic have no business doing so, because they themselves can barely prophesy and are being called higher. Stop prostituting the prophetic and get a job is the word for some in the prophetic movement. God in his love is trying to release a new wine to the prophetic movement. He is purifying us, we have mixture in our prophetic release.

Stop calling yourself a nation prophet if God doesn’t even speak to you about the nation you are in. Stop calling yourself a prophet at all, it’s self promotion when you care more about people knowing your a prophet than a son. This word is meant to carry loving correction and adjustment. My heart is to see a prophetic generation walk in the upgrade God is releasing and the integrity of the prophetic restored in these end times. This restoration will happen through these Issachar prophets that will upgrade God’s prophetic church.

-Jordan Wells

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