Prophetic Word: The Second Civil War Has Begun

Prophetic Word: The Second Civil War Has Begun

Prophetic Word: The Second Civil War Has Begun 640 420 The Voice Of The Prophetic

While at church I was taken into a very intense vision in which I saw the civil war of Abraham Lincoln and his fight for the freedom of the slaves. I then was taken back into the present and saw America at war with each other in the present. This war will determine the future of America. While in this vision I heard these words very clear. That the second civil war that will determine the future of America has just begun. When Joe Biden announced that any governor that would not bow would be removed. In so many words he declared war on half the country.

This civil war started in 2020 but I believe officially started with those words spoken by our president. We are in the midst of a second civil war but this time it’s over two ideologies. This time the fight is freedom versus communism/socialism. This new fight is cyber and it’s importance can not be underestimated. This war will intensify over the next few years in a very unusual way.

With us enter this war we must pray like never before. The churches role in this battle, I can not stress enough. Without the prayers and intercession of the church. And also a church that carries revival fire we will lose this war. We need a church that is engaged politically, but also a church that moves in the power of the Spirit. A church that carries the anointing of the book of acts that heal the sick and raise the dead. We are called to a spiritual war for this nation. It’s time for the church to arise and join in this war.

-Jordan Wells

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