Prophetic Word Concerning Nicki Minaj And Vaccine Mandates

Prophetic Word Concerning Nicki Minaj And Vaccine Mandates

Prophetic Word Concerning Nicki Minaj And Vaccine Mandates 1280 720 The Voice Of The Prophetic

When I heard the news about Nicki Minaj speaking out concerning these vaccine mandates, I instantly felt led to pray for her. I heard the Lord say as I began to pray that this is going to shake this agenda, and that other celebrities and people of influence would began to stand up. In prayer I also felt that they will come against her as a result of this and try to cancel her.

But the Lord showed me that this would be hard because she is one of the iconic celebrities of this generation. I don’t listen to her music but millions do. This is not some b class celebrity. This is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. And her voice especially among youth and the African American Community is very impactful. This is what scares them to death.

I saw in the spirit through Nicki Minaj rising against this agenda, that the lefts radical hold on the African American community and there voter base is weakening. They are exposing themselves, she also said many other celebrities feel the same way but are afraid to speak out. I feel really strongly that God is going to use this to continue the fight for this nation. This in the spirit is a major blow to the left. And I see others beginning to follow suit as the church continues to intercede.

Please keep her in prayer as I looked at the articles concerning her, she has just became enemy number one. They now will try to silence her and cancel her like they did Kanye West. God is fighting behind the scenes for America, and using those that are not in the church to save America. It’s sad that this women has more guts than most pastors and prophets in America who refuse to speak. God has to use people like this because he can’t find vessels in the church that will do so.

-Jordan Wells

P.S Not Against Vaccinations. But I Am Against Being Forced To By Government.

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