Prophetic Word: Did You Learn To Love?

Prophetic Word: Did You Learn To Love?

Prophetic Word: Did You Learn To Love? 1000 1500 The Voice Of The Prophetic

After a nasty message I received yesterday I have been really meditating on the churches lack of love for people. I am so thankful I was raised up in the kingdom by streams that focused so heavy on the love of God. I was impacted greatly by people like Heidi Baker, Blll Johnson, Francis Chan and so many others that taught me how to focus on loving people. One of the most powerful things that impacted me in the prophetic ministry was the testimony of Bob Jones. Who died and went to heaven, and was asked by Jesus himself one question which was did he learn to love?

Wow! This is a powerful prophetic message to the church throughout time. Jesus didn’t ask Bob Jones about his miracle ministry, the size of his church, the accuracy of his prophetic, or anything else. It was simple did he learn to love? If you did today what would your answer be to this question? I believe God is still saying that to the body of Christ in the midst of tension, glory and shaking globally. I don’t care how accurate we are in the prophetic, how many miracles and demonstration of God’s power we see in our ministries. It doesn’t matter if we are not marked by God’s love for people and his church.

When we lack love we become a danger to people. One day prophecy will cease, as well as a need for the dead to be raised. One day there will be no more need for demons to be casted out, but what will remain is God’s Love. We never move pass this subject, it is a lifelong journey in the Spirit that we must master above being gifted in the spirit. I feel in the Spirit God calling the apostolic and prophetic streams to a greater measure of the Love of God. Many of our ministries can not reach there full potential because we lack the most important thing in the kingdom loving one another. I hear the words of Papa Bob Jones being asked to this generation of the church.

Have you learned to love says the Spirit? There are to many nasty, prideful and mean believers that even live holy, but have hearts that do not resonate Love. Gods says I am calling my church to carry my love above power, gifting etc. it’s time be the church empowered by Love and the power of God.

-Jordan Wells