Prophetic Word Concerning Dave Chappelle and Cancel Culture:

Prophetic Word Concerning Dave Chappelle and Cancel Culture:

Prophetic Word Concerning Dave Chappelle and Cancel Culture: 300 168 The Voice Of The Prophetic

We are see an exposing and a challenging of Cancel Culture in America. God is challenging the Anti Christ spirit right now that hangs over America. The spirit behind cancel culture is an Anti Christ and Jezebel spirit. It’s desire is to silence truth, Dave Chappelle is under fire as was Nicki Minaj in recent days for his stand up on Netflix we’re he simple said something that ten years ago wouldn’t even be controversial. He stated that a transgender women was not actually a women. This is clear science and scripture, but in a Anti Christ secularized culture this has become hate speech and homophobic. I love the LBGT community as I myself was once in that lifestyle. So I say this with love and compassion.

What I heard in the spirit as the backlash came was that God was exposing and pulling down this spirit in America. As I read the comments a huge majority was in complete support and stood with and against cancel culture and for Dave. This also grieved me because this also exposes the churches true condition. That I can’t name many of our huge preachers in America that would ever make such statements. God is fighting for this nation, and speech through the donkeys of Hollywood to challenge Satans hold over America because he can’t find preacher that will speak truth. Our free speech is under attack by a dangerous elite group of people.

I stand with Dave Chappelle and say that marriage is still between a man and a women. I say as a voice for God that a transgender women is not a women. I do not believe in separate genders but what the Bible declares as fact. This is not controversial this is what God has said and is saying. This is what happens when a nation rejects truth. Many in America have been turned over to a strong delusion. Continue to stand in prayer for our nation.

-Jordan Wells

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