Prophetic Word: The LBGT Agenda and The Church

Prophetic Word: The LBGT Agenda and The Church

Prophetic Word: The LBGT Agenda and The Church 600 400 The Voice Of The Prophetic

God spoke to me this morning and brought me back to a word I released in my book The Final Trumpet on what would happen in Americans future. One thing God told me was that the greatest threat to the church was within the LBGTQ agenda and it’s aggressive push to lead America away from the moral standards of God.

In this vision I released a word that the agenda behind this movement was always to attack and destroy the moral fabric of America. It was first about having the right to marry. Now it has become so perverted that we are bringing children to drag shows and as far as to denying the very basic idea of God’s created gender.

I say this with love and this is no attack on gay people because I have talked with many who do not agree with the radical segment of this movement. The church mostly has been pushed into the closest on this issue. But I believe the church, the true church is about to rise up and be a voice against Satan demonic agenda. God is raising up a army of delivers.

What God showed me was that persecution would come to the door of the church and it would be through this movement. There is a evil demonic spirit of Anti Christ and Jezebel partnering with perversion to silence the mouth of the church. In the days ahead this movement will fight against the church intensely. But God will give us the victory. We must speak out against this demonic agenda and pray like never before.

-Jordan Wells

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