“Prophet Jordan Wells carries a Malachi 4:6 ministry mandate of reconciliation and revival, where he is called to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Graced with a dual prophetic and apostolic calling. Jordan’s passion is to see a “global awakening”, harvest of souls and the earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the water covers the sea. It is my honor and privilege to fully endorse and recommend the ministry and writings of my friend Jordan Wells”

~Dr. Hakeem Collins

Best Selling Author | Prophetic Voice | Apostolic Leader

Born to Prophesy, Heaven Declares, Prophetic Breakthrough, Command Your Healing, 101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks and 10 Prayer Secrets

“Jordan Wells is an amazingly gifted author, communicator, and relevant prophetic voice to the church and the world in these perilous times. I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Jordan and his wife over the past 3 years. They are anointed, genuine, and real. Their passion for Jesus Christ is contagious and their obedience to the call of God and His word are both courageous and honorable. Jordan Wells is not only gifted, he has the character to carry the gift. Jordan is a man of purity of heart which allows him not only to hear the voice of God but to see Him as well.”

~David Wagner

Fathers Heart Ministries Franklin Tennessee

“Since Jesus Christ ascended into heaven as his disciples watched, the body and bride of Christ has longed for 2 events: the last great revival and the Lord’s return. It is clear from both scripture itself and the hundreds of prophetic voices the Holy Spirit is speaking through around the world that a great revival will precede His return. Now in our time, a great cloud of witnesses is rising up to proclaim the favorable day of the Lord once again. In The Joel 2 Generation, Jordan and Georgia Wells have shared their vision and insights into the last great revival of God. They reveal His heart for mankind and how He intends to accomplish this great work. I recommend you read and savor their book and allow God to use you in His last great movement. You will be blessed!”

~Joan Hunter

Author | President and Founder of Joan Hunter Ministries

Divine Dialouge is a clarion call to the people of God to come back to the place of intimacy with the Father. The Father is raising up a regiment that will carry His heart, release the glory, and will be able to translate Heaven to earth. This book will challenge you and leave you hungry for greater intimacy in your relationship with the Lord. This book will take your relationship with the Lord to the next level!”

~Madeline James

Madeline James Ministries

Author of Prophetic Protocol and Declaring Your Morning, Lexington, KY

“Jordan Wells is a phenomenal Prophet but more than that he’s an amazing father and friend. His integrity, consistency and passion for God is contagious. I’ve personally have been impacted by the anointed upon his life and I am forever grateful. May God continue to use this Prophet for His glory. ”

~Brandon Gatson


“Jordan Wells is a bold prophetic voice that is unafraid of proclaiming truth to power. He is compassionate about  God and His people. Wells is equipped with strong mandate to move individuals further in their calling. He maintains a tremendous burden for the upcoming generation. There is an divine urgency in everything that he does for the Kingdom of God.

Jordan is also an author that is willing to confront difficult topics, that others may shy away from. I admire his candor, realism, and boldness. These aspects are reflected in his writings, articulations, and ministry. As he continues to follow the doctrine of Jesus Christ, he unequivocally has my endorsement.”

~John Veal

Author of Supernaturally Prophetic