Is there hope for America in the End Times or is all lost?

Could the ancient Scroll of Mysteries unravel specifics concerning the 2020 election and the future of America?
Could a scroll thousands of years old actually contain ancient secrets that unlock keys to America’s restoration or America’s judgement?

This cutting edge novel is a descriptive telling of how this next election will greatly impact the destiny of America. The Final Trumpet uncovers ancient mysteries to how we can move the hand of God to change political arenas.

This novel dramatically displays how the outcome of the next election will greatly impact this nation. It creatively unravels biblical mysteries to foretell America’s future by showing the parallels of ancient prophecies and America’s current election. Within each chapter there is a mystery. And in each mystery there is a secret that unravels the key to major aspects of our government. Socialism, economic decline, modern conspiracies, and the dismantling of the constitution are all unveiled within an ancient scroll. This scroll has predicted the rise and fall of many nations.

Will America remain a top world power or decline into a third world nation?

The novel centers around Anna, an atheistic liberalist journalist, who aspires to take down the current president by destroying him through one of the most powerful sources in the world: media. As one of the top writers in her field, Anna is invited to participate in an important forum at the White House. However, before she can release her most important life’s work, Anna is sent into a heart wrenching near death experience. A mysterious man by the name of Gabriel, shares with Anna secrets of the country’s past and glimpses of its potential future.

Will she turn on everything she believes in?
Or will she be unmoved by the potential coming destruction?


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