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Prophetic Word Released Concerning Kanye West in November of 2019!

Prophetic Word Released Concerning Kanye West in November of 2019! 220 283 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I released this word concerning Kanye West in November of 2019. Please pray for Kanye West there is an attempt to cause him to go backwards and destroy future and present fruit that is connected to his conversion. Let’s cover him as intercessors in Jesus name! Prophetic Word: I saw Intense Warfare Coming Against Kanye West “With all that is happening in Hollywood. I was shaken by this word of the Lord I received about Kanye. God showed me that hell is terrified concerning what is happening with Kanye West in his Sunday Services as well as his Jesus is King Album. This is due to what I saw and the nation will see, an increase in salvation through Kanye West and several more CDs that will touch millions is coming. God is raising Kanye West up as a prophetic musical evangelist. This terrifies hell, and I saw as a result much Attack against him…

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Vision of Covid-19 Exposure

Vision of Covid-19 Exposure 1200 801 The Voice Of The Prophetic

While standing in line getting some things for the house, I saw had a vision and saw the words “Exposed” hanging in the air. I began to ask the Lord what he meant and he began to share some things with me. First, I believe Covid-19 is a real threat and I have compassion on those that have gotten sick or even died. But there is a attempt by some of those in power to make this virus look worst than it is. One way I saw them doing this is through hospitals being told to forge numbers to make Covid outbreaks appear worst than it actually is. I saw hospital scandals in which certain hospitals get called out for not accurately reporting information. These things will be exposed before the end of year, and many will be very surprised. Why, you might ask, would they do this? Simple! To keep the economy weakened, to…

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Vision of Kanye West and Candice Owens

Vision of Kanye West and Candice Owens 1404 756 The Voice Of The Prophetic

My plea to the church is we need to pray for both of them because God is using them for his purposeAs I was meditating before the Lord today, I was given a vision of Kanye West and then another of Candice Owens. I saw Kanye having, what people thought were, these political rallies across the country. In these rallies, I saw multitude- mostly African Americans cheering at everything he said. But suddenly the gathering shifted and became an evangelistic gathering in which Kanye began to speak and as he spoke chains began to fall from the people. Some had chains on their minds, others on their hands. I then heard the Lord speak that he has raised Kanye up as a deliver like Moses to command pharaoh to let his people go. In the same way, he said Candace Owens has also been raised up. I saw another seen of Joe Biden standing over…

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Prophetic Word: A Revival of The Word of God

Prophetic Word: A Revival of The Word of God 618 340 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I heard the Lord say, “I am sending a revival of the Word to the current Charismatic Movement.” The problem with our current Charismatic Movement is that we know more about angels and encounters than we do the scriptures. We are a wordless generation full of supernatural experiences but have not studied the scriptures to show ourselves approved of God. Encounters are dangerous without strong scriptural backing. I love encounters and have had many throughout my walk with the Lord but no encounter trumps the word of God in value or importance. We can not only pursue encounters and neglect the revelation revealed in scripture. We must return back to the word of God in the days ahead. It is our only sure foundation. The reason we are experiencing such a great deception in our nation, and in the church, is because our lack of knowledge of the truth of God’s Word. Because of our…

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Vision concerning the 2020 Election, Joe Biden, and Covid -19 Mail In Ballots

Vision concerning the 2020 Election, Joe Biden, and Covid -19 Mail In Ballots 1280 720 The Voice Of The Prophetic

While seeking the Lord, I had a vision which was a conformation of what I heard the Lord say previously. Many liberal, democratic states will try to use the apparent increase of Covid-19 cases as an excuse for mail in ballots. However, mail-in’s have been proven to be less secure and much easier to manipulate the vote count. In my vision, I saw voters in several states putting their votes in envelopes and mailing them into their designated locations. Some envelopes were marked Trump, others Biden. In the states that were run by conservative mayors and governors, the voters were going directly to booths and the votes were being securely and accurately accounted for. However, in extreme liberal states, as more votes came mailed-in for Trump, I saw workers throwing them in the trash. I then saw the words “Voter Scandal” written in the spirit. The vision switched scenes and I saw people on their…

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My Vision Concerning Black Lives Matter

My Vision Concerning Black Lives Matter 828 1010 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I heard the Lord say, “Antichrist spirit”. I saw people marching throughout in the country. However, I also saw dark figures walking along the people as well. Then I saw people coming out of the dark figures. The dark figure was a principality of antichrist. Preachers, wearing collars, were amongst the crowds but they had blindfolds on and they could not see that they were submitting to this principality. Eventually the dark figures approached the Church to challenge it. The Lord spoke to me that a spirit behind BLM will be exposed in the days ahead. The core beliefs of BLM founders are anti-God, Marxist, & LGBT. This movement is not as it seems. People are being deceived to believe they are being a part of something to help black people but there is another hidden agenda. My Vision Concerning Black Lives Matter: Over the past few days, the Lord has been dealing with me…

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What God Is Saying About Coronavirus: The Smoke Screen

What God Is Saying About Coronavirus: The Smoke Screen 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”2 Thessalonians 2:11   This Coronavirus is very real and should be taken seriously. However, much of the mass hysteria and panic that has been propagated by the media. I heard the Lord say to me that much of what is being released in the media is a distraction and a smokescreen. There is a demonic attempt to distract people from the coming 2020 election. This election is the most important election; second to that of 2016. Although the virus is to be taken seriously; many politicians are using this pandemic as a means to push political agendas.  I think it is interesting that the enemy released this virus right after the failed impeachment of Donald Trump. Many have started to use the Coronavirus as a political ploy to blame the president.  Again, the Coronavirus is real and should be approached…

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What God Is Saying About Coronavirus: Awakening

What God Is Saying About Coronavirus: Awakening 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

We will see this turnaround.  I believe one of the great outcomes of this outbreak will be that God will use this Coronavirus to prepare the hearts of millions for repentance. The bible says that God will cause all things to work together for the good (Romans 8:28). Although it seems distraterous now, God has the ability to make it of benefit to the Church and to bring glory to Himself. I believe God is using this virus to shake the nations and the church. I believe God is preparing America for awakening. He is causing His church to pray and seek His intervention. Much of the church has chased after ministry success and neglected our true ministry of prayer. This virus is causing the church to pray nationally and globally. By the forced cancelling of ministry engagements and events, I believe God is dealing with unfruitful conferences and ministry idolatry in our nation. Ministry…

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I Used To Be Homosexual

I Used To Be Homosexual 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

It is the last day of Pride month. The other day I listened to the Jackie Perry and KevOnStage interview and I was encouraged to release my testimony. Some have heard I struggled with homosexuality and bisexuality most of my life. After years of molestation and sexual trauma in my childhood, the urge for the opposite sex grew. I have many memories as a child of having sexual experiences with neighborhood guys. As a teenager, I had my first brief relationship with a guy and there was a time when I would even pay guys for sexual relationships (so that there would not be any ties). I would do much of this in secret because I had a strong conviction that it was wrong. I grew up around church and knew clearly what the Bible said about it. These sexual relationships with guys grew over the years, as I continued to meet with guys secretly…

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Prophetic Word: Search Your Heart

Prophetic Word: Search Your Heart 275 183 The Voice Of The Prophetic

We are saturated in this generation with preaching and books; written by people that do not carry or produce what they are selling. Please! If you are writing books on deliverance, it’s imperative that you actually see much fruit in this area. Stop teaching and selling e courses of the prophetic.  If you yourself can barely prophesy and none of your prophetic words have been proven to come to pass. Stop writing and trying to train people in the area of finances, and your credit score is low. I again say this in love, we need authentic ministry that Glorifies Jesus and not our personal ambition.  I am all for people writing books, and ministering in there anointing. My concern is that many are operating and trying to promote themselves into areas that they are either not called into. Or, are not currently mature enough to stand in. Everyone is not a prophet and or…

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