Prophetic Word: The Cleansing Has Begun

Prophetic Word: The Cleansing Has Begun 2560 1440 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I heard the Lord say to me that he was releasing cleansing in the house of God. We are coming into the greatest hour of Glory the church has seen. But in the midst of this Glory will be great cleansing and exposing of major and minor church leaders. We will see in the coming days, weeks, months and even years – many that have pastored and ministered before the masses exposed and the secrets of their lives brought to light. These will be high profile leaders as well as entire denominations that will be exposed. These leaders have amassed huge followings in the natural but have not in the spirit. Many of these leaders have forsaken the secret place for success and gain. Many leaders have left their first love years ago. They are in adultery, pride, and refuse to turn back to the Lord in repentance. Some of these leaders have been in…

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I Used To Be Homosexual

I Used To Be Homosexual 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

It is the last day of Pride month. The other day I listened to the Jackie Perry and KevOnStage interview and I was encouraged to release my testimony. Some have heard I struggled with homosexuality and bisexuality most of my life. After years of molestation and sexual trauma in my childhood, the urge for the opposite sex grew. I have many memories as a child of having sexual experiences with neighborhood guys. As a teenager, I had my first brief relationship with a guy and there was a time when I would even pay guys for sexual relationships (so that there would not be any ties). I would do much of this in secret because I had a strong conviction that it was wrong. I grew up around church and knew clearly what the Bible said about it. These sexual relationships with guys grew over the years, as I continued to meet with guys secretly…

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Prophetic Word: Search Your Heart

Prophetic Word: Search Your Heart 275 183 The Voice Of The Prophetic

We are saturated in this generation with preaching and books; written by people that do not carry or produce what they are selling. Please! If you are writing books on deliverance, it’s imperative that you actually see much fruit in this area. Stop teaching and selling e courses of the prophetic.  If you yourself can barely prophesy and none of your prophetic words have been proven to come to pass. Stop writing and trying to train people in the area of finances, and your credit score is low. I again say this in love, we need authentic ministry that Glorifies Jesus and not our personal ambition.  I am all for people writing books, and ministering in there anointing. My concern is that many are operating and trying to promote themselves into areas that they are either not called into. Or, are not currently mature enough to stand in. Everyone is not a prophet and or…

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Prophetic Word: God’s Glory and The Judgment of The Priesthood

Prophetic Word: God’s Glory and The Judgment of The Priesthood 640 480 The Voice Of The Prophetic

Prophetic Word Was Released On: August 23, 2019 I heard the Lord say “I am about to purify the priesthood.” The Lord says, “There is about to come an exposing of the wicked.” The wicked Saul leadership across the body of Christ is about to come under the judgment of God. We are going to see, in the coming years, many seeker friendly leaders and those  that have overemphasized the grace of God, fall. I say this with a broken heart.  I heard this word, just as another major leader in the charismatic ‘signs and wonders movement’ fell recently. I felt the fear of the Lord as he said that His glory fire is about to come like it did in the book of acts. It will be like when Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Spirit and were instantly judged in the Glory.Acts 5:7-11 (ESV)7 After an interval of about three hours his…

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Prophetic Word: Trump Florida Rally initiates National Call To American Church to Prayer!

Prophetic Word: Trump Florida Rally initiates National Call To American Church to Prayer! 760 507 The Voice Of The Prophetic

Prophetic Word Was Released: June 30, 2019 I must say that the last four years of the presidency of Donald Trump has been one of the most successful terms of any president in history. The enemy, hidden behind the cover of media, has all but failed in the removal of Donald Trump from office ! Trump has survived through lies against his family, fake news about Russian tampering with election, and more. He has shaken the politics of this nation. The church can not understand how much it needed these last four years. Only with eyes of the spirit can one truly see the impact Trump. The Cyrus President, has had in reforming America’s politics! The Lord spoke to me to release this word to the body! As I watched the president’s rally in Florida, I heard the Lord say, that the leaders must again rally the body we for the coming 2020 election! Just…

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