I Used To Be Homosexual

I Used To Be Homosexual 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

It is the last day of Pride month. The other day I listened to the Jackie Perry and KevOnStage interview and I was encouraged to release my testimony. Some have heard I struggled with homosexuality and bisexuality most of my life. After years of molestation and sexual trauma in my childhood, the urge for the opposite sex grew. I have many memories as a child of having sexual experiences with neighborhood guys. As a teenager, I had my first brief relationship with a guy and there was a time when I would even pay guys for sexual relationships (so that there would not be any ties). I would do much of this in secret because I had a strong conviction that it was wrong. I grew up around church and knew clearly what the Bible said about it. These sexual relationships with guys grew over the years, as I continued to meet with guys secretly…

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