Kanye West

Prophetic Word Released Concerning Kanye West in November of 2019!

Prophetic Word Released Concerning Kanye West in November of 2019! 220 283 The Voice Of The Prophetic

I released this word concerning Kanye West in November of 2019. Please pray for Kanye West there is an attempt to cause him to go backwards and destroy future and present fruit that is connected to his conversion. Let’s cover him as intercessors in Jesus name! Prophetic Word: I saw Intense Warfare Coming Against Kanye West “With all that is happening in Hollywood. I was shaken by this word of the Lord I received about Kanye. God showed me that hell is terrified concerning what is happening with Kanye West in his Sunday Services as well as his Jesus is King Album. This is due to what I saw and the nation will see, an increase in salvation through Kanye West and several more CDs that will touch millions is coming. God is raising Kanye West up as a prophetic musical evangelist. This terrifies hell, and I saw as a result much Attack against him…

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Vision of Kanye West and Candice Owens

Vision of Kanye West and Candice Owens 1404 756 The Voice Of The Prophetic

My plea to the church is we need to pray for both of them because God is using them for his purposeAs I was meditating before the Lord today, I was given a vision of Kanye West and then another of Candice Owens. I saw Kanye having, what people thought were, these political rallies across the country. In these rallies, I saw multitude- mostly African Americans cheering at everything he said. But suddenly the gathering shifted and became an evangelistic gathering in which Kanye began to speak and as he spoke chains began to fall from the people. Some had chains on their minds, others on their hands. I then heard the Lord speak that he has raised Kanye up as a deliver like Moses to command pharaoh to let his people go. In the same way, he said Candace Owens has also been raised up. I saw another seen of Joe Biden standing over…

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