Family is Gods design and desire for His people. A strong family with love, strength, passion, and relationship will mirror the Heart of Gods great plan and purpose for this generation! Through Family, we learn the Fathers Heart, a mothers nurturing and compassion, a bond and love that fights for the dreams of there Family, an honor that always believes and sees the best for each other…We see Gods Kingdom and the true heart of His deep intimate desire for relationship through Family. We see how Sons and Daughters look to there Mothers and Fathers for the answers. Through Family, strong enterprises of businesses and companies will be passed on from one generation to the next. Through Families, the inheritance that God gives us will properly be handed down to there Sons and Daughters. Through Families, foundations will be built upon and grow without hindrance because a proper culture of Honor will not let the…

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What God Says About Nightmares

What God Says About Nightmares 960 540 The Voice Of The Prophetic

Last night I received a powerful revelation as it pertains to nightmares. I believe that the dream, what I asked God, and God’s response and instructions can resonate with every person reading this and empower you to take control of your dreams. On occasion I have nightmares  on the days that I don’t spend as much time with God before bed. But the deeper I am in God the less it happens. Last night,  I had a really terrifying dream about people being killed all around me. However, God was with me in the dream. He gave me specific words of knowledge; like “The people are behind the door, “Don’t go that way”, or “Play dead”. At the end of the dream, I knew that I was sleeping and that someone was trying to kill me. When they found me, the person lit a match to set me on fire and I began to feel…

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What Is A Mantle And It’s Function?

What Is A Mantle And It’s Function? 324 432 The Voice Of The Prophetic

The purpose in writing this series of articles is to examine the office and ministry of the Prophet. In the next few articles I want to dig deep into the lives of prophetic men and women of God who challenged nations and people to return to worship of  the one true God. Prophets have always been kind of the outcasts of Judaism and Christianity. Why? Because their ministry is not, and has never been “popular”. The title Prophet has been tremendously  misused in our culture inside the body of Christ. Many people are calling themselves Prophets, but biblically are not wearing the mantle that the Prophets of old walked in. We exalt these so called Prophets that prophesy phone numbers and bank accounts, without knowing many use the same methods for gaining information as withces and the occult. For example, a conspiracy recently arose when an internationally known “prophet” was exposed for having allegedly  worked with…

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Jesus versus Religion

Jesus versus Religion 928 522 The Voice Of The Prophetic

First, I would like to state that Christianity is not a religion. Many hear that and say, “How can you say that?” When you google Christianity, it pops up in the search engine as a religion. In order for you to understand just how wrong the search engine is, as are many who call themselves Christians, let’s give the general definition of what the term religion means, then I will give you the Jordan Wells version. A religion, as defined by the world or un-churched, is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Many religions have narratives, symbols, and sacred histories that aim to explain the meaning of life, the origin of life, or the universe. My definition of religion is similar: man trying to work his way to God, trying to find God. Religion puts God at the top of a pyramid, and…

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The Origin of the Anointing By Evangelist Jordan Wells

The Origin of the Anointing By Evangelist Jordan Wells 332 296 The Voice Of The Prophetic

The origin of this word anointing comes from an ancient near east practice of shepherds. Lice and other dangerous insects would often get into the wool of sheep, and when they got near the sheep’s head, they could burrow into the sheep’s ears and kill the sheep. So the shepherds would pour oil on the sheep’s head. This made the sheep’s wool slippery, making it impossible for insects to get near the sheep’s ears because the insects would slide off. From this, anointing became symbolic of blessing, protection, and empowerment. So the anointing of oil was a sign or a defense from the dangerous attacks of the surrounding enemy. The anointing of God makes you dangerous because it hinders Satan from doing what he wants to in your life. The anointing causes your enemies to slide off as God’s protection covers you completely. It stops, as I just showed, the enemy from burrowing into the…

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Understanding the Seventieth Week of Daniel Evangelist Jordan Wells

Understanding the Seventieth Week of Daniel Evangelist Jordan Wells 440 171 The Voice Of The Prophetic

Understanding this prophecy is the key to understanding what is happening and what is about to happen on this earth. There will be a peace agreement reached in the Middle East. It will be seven years in length. This event in Scripture is called the Daniel Seventieth Week prophecy. When reached this will start the final seven years to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. You might be asking where does he get this from, in the Bible, or is that just his theory? Most Bible prophecy teachers and most Christians agree that there are seven last years of “trouble,” or “tribulation,” that will overtake planet earth just before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those seven years are divided up into two parts of about 3 1/2 years each. The first period of 3 1/2 years will be relatively peaceful because the Antichrist will not be in full control and will only be…

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The Loveless Church of Ephesus By Evangelist Jordan Wells

The Loveless Church of Ephesus By Evangelist Jordan Wells 480 360 The Voice Of The Prophetic

The church of Ephesus was a very rich church, so we can compare it to many of our mega churches of today. Ephesus was the most prominent city in Roman Asia Minor, a religious and commercial city for that part of the world. The Apostle Paul actually founded this church and then would later appoint Timothy as the pastor. Many believe, including me, that John shepherded that church after Timothy. John was living in Ephesus when he was captured and sentenced to death. Most believe by this time that he was the only apostle that remained alive. The rest had most likely been martyred. Jesus first encourages the church and tells them what they are doing right, which is the case for a lot of Christian churches in America and around the world that are doing amazing things for the Lord. However, Jesus puts a but after he tells them that he is with them,…

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Witchcraft In The Pulpits By Evangelist Jordan Wells

Witchcraft In The Pulpits By Evangelist Jordan Wells 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

 I was in a meeting, and encountered a Pastor with a spirit of control, and manipulation. As soon as I encountered this powerful spirit, the lord showed me that this was not just a problem in this church, but across the world. The word Pastor, is far removed from the word dictator. I think however, that it is important that we define, both Pastor and Dictator.  Lets first define the term dictator, which is defined as a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. Behind every dictator there is a spirit that is at work, that has set up a stronghold in the life of the person being controlled. Most of the time with these types of spirits there are more than one controlling spirit, there is a strongman spirit. However, many read the title, and said I know what witchcraft is, and this is not a problem…

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Holy Spirit: The Power That Will Contrast All Other Powers in the End Times -By Georgia L. Wells

Holy Spirit: The Power That Will Contrast All Other Powers in the End Times -By Georgia L. Wells 960 960 The Voice Of The Prophetic

During the ministry of the Apostle Paul, God wrought (worked) special miracles by his hands (Acts 19:11). So much so, that the handkerchiefs he carried around with him would be taken to the sick and the diseases and evil spirits would leave those who received them! This was done during a time that Ephesus earned the reputation as the “magic capital of the world” (KJV Study Bible). This was a time and place where people could not just be preached to but the legitimacy of Jesus as Lord needed to be proven (shown) in order to reach the hearts of those fascinated in magic, science, and other gods.  Thus, the Lord allowed Paul to work these special miracles as a validation to his preaching. We see a parallel of this in our world today. It seems that the hardest people to reach are those who are in the occult, those blinded by scientific knowledge, and…

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