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Vision of Witches Cursing The Nation

Vision of Witches Cursing The Nation 1526 1144 The Voice Of The Prophetic

It was a hour before the presidential debate and I was in intercession over the destiny of America. When I felt lead suddenly of the spirit to pray for our new Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett. Instantly, my spiritual eyes began to open and I felt this witchy feeling in prayer. I know this feeling because I have dealt with witchcraft attacks before. I then began to see into the spirit and saw witches gathering all across America in secret. They were in circles, huddling in almost like prayer circles. I became grieved and sensed this was important. I then heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “these are witches and they are cursing America, the church, the Supreme Court, the Presidential debate and more.” As I continued to pray into this He also showed me that much of what has happened with division in our nation racially, spiritually, and politically in this season…

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