Witchcraft In The Pulpits By Evangelist Jordan Wells

Witchcraft In The Pulpits By Evangelist Jordan Wells 150 150 The Voice Of The Prophetic

 I was in a meeting, and encountered a Pastor with a spirit of control, and manipulation. As soon as I encountered this powerful spirit, the lord showed me that this was not just a problem in this church, but across the world. The word Pastor, is far removed from the word dictator. I think however, that it is important that we define, both Pastor and Dictator.  Lets first define the term dictator, which is defined as a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. Behind every dictator there is a spirit that is at work, that has set up a stronghold in the life of the person being controlled. Most of the time with these types of spirits there are more than one controlling spirit, there is a strongman spirit. However, many read the title, and said I know what witchcraft is, and this is not a problem…

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